Sudan : Gov’t, armed groups strike deal on Sudan transitional parliament

09/07/2020 – The transitional government, Freedom and Change Forces (FFC) and armed groups agreed on Wednesday evening to allocate 75 seats of the Transitional Legislative Council to Sudanese Revolutionary Forces and SLM of Minni Minnawi.The deal struck on the transitional parliament comes after over ten days of difficult talks in Khartoum as the armed groups initially requested 140 seats.

According to the draft agreement seen by Sudan Tribune, the two parties agreed to grant 25% of the 300 seats (75 parliamentary seats) to the armed.

Until Wednesday morning the armed groups demanded 35% of the legislative council, 105 seats.

A meeting is expected to take place in Juba between the armed groups to discuss a draft agreement on the power-sharing at the national and the regional levels.

After their meeting, they will discuss the draft agreement on the power-sharing with the mediation before a joint videoconference meeting with Sudanese Prime Minister with the participation of the government negotiating team, the delegation of armed groups in Khartum and the South Sudanese mediation.

The meeting is expected to discuss some points related to the funds allocated to the resettlement programme of the displaced and refugees. But also, the power-sharing at Darfur region and states levels.

The armed groups demand to allocate $13 billion to the region to be paid over 10 years, in return, the government proposed $5 billion during the same period.

However, the draft agreement speaks about the government’s commitment to pay the « required financial gap » to implement the peace agreement without mentioning any figure.

The document further says a donors’ conference will be held to finance the implementation of the peace agreement in Darfur.

Darfur’s movements also maintain some reservations on the distribution of power in Darfur.

The draft agreement provides that 40% of the region and state institutions be allocated to the armed groups, 40% to the transitional government, and 20% for stakeholders. However, the armed groups demand 60%.

A Sudanese military delegation is expected to accompany the mediation on its flight to Juba to negotiate security arrangements with the Revolutionary Front and the Sudan Liberation Movement led by Minawi.

The South Sudanese mediation said on Tuesday that the signing of a final peace agreement will be within a week.


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