Britain is investigating how Albanian guns were sent to Africa

21/01/2020 – Great Britain has involved the Albanian Prosecution into a series of investigative actions regarding a drug traffic case started by the Office of Customs and Revenues in the UK.

Two citizens and an export company are under investigation. Top Channel has learned exclusively that the investigation undergoing in Elspeth Pingel tries to shed light on an arms trade that may have been done from 2009 to 2016. For this reason, they want to interrogate a series of persons who are aware of the arms trade in Albania.

Exclusive sources confirm that the British authorities are informing the Albanian Prosecution that the criminal case is related to an alleged intermediated traffic of military goods between Albania, Uganda and South Sudan, made possible without a valid license and by violating the export and trade rules of the UK.

The case is being investigated at the SPAK (Special Prosecution Against Corruption), and for the past six months, it has been under the competences of the Prosecution of Serious Crimes.

Top Channel has learned exclusively that the British side has asked the Albanian prosecution to seize documents and the correspondence related to the shipment to South Sudan of 10,000 AK47 rifles, 40,000 magazines, 1.27 million ammunition and 100 Makarov guns.

It is suspected that the crime might have been committed from 2009 to 2016, led by the two citizens under investigation and a company that may have shipped them under the name of the Military Unit of Popular Forces for the Protection of Uganda.

One of the people under investigation has Greek citizenship, sources say, the other is a British national. A few years ago they have traveled to Albania and had business activities here.

The British are requesting the documentation that has been submitted in Albania, which may have authorized the persons in question to send goods from Tirana to Juba and Southern Sudan.  The alleged events might have happened by using airways during 2014.

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