Sudan: Norwegian Company to Invest in Block 17 in West Kordofan

20/01/2020 – The Minister of Energy and Mining Eng. Adel Ali Ibrahim has welcomed the signing of a memorandum of understanding with the Norwegian NOROIL Company regarding the work in the block (17) in the West Kordofan State, reviewing the priorities of the oil sector that are concerned with increasing production, developing fields and increasing exploration, praising Norway and its role in developing the oil sector. The minister said that the doors of investment are open to all international companies, especially the Norwegian companies that possess expertise, technologies and high technical capabilities, expressing his happiness on the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding to develop and increase production in block (17) with the Norwegian company, apprciating the efforts of the former oil minister Dr. Lual Deng, he have worked to make a real partnership in the near future with the Norwegian companies. The Director-General for Exploration and Oil Production at the Ministry of Energy and Mining Engineer Oquail Abdel-Salam explained that the signing of the memorandum of understanding with the Norwegian company for the increase of oil production and development of the fields in the State of West Kordofan, was considered as a kick off to attract European companies and other international companies, stressing that Sudan is still an attractive country for investment in the field of oil industry. The representative of the Norwegian Company Engineer Tor Kragh Fosse expressed the deep joint cooperation between Norway and Sudan in the field of developing the petroleum industry, revealing the desire of the Norwegian company to focus its efforts on working in the African continent including Sudan, revealing that the company will work with the Ministry of Energy and Mining and its experts to develop the fields of oil in the country in the near future by introducing modern technology in this field in a way that supports the continuation of oil production and the transfer of Norwegian expertise, as well as training and education in line with the Norway initiative (Oil for Development) in accordance with the agreements signed between Sudan and Norway since the year 2005. Fosse revealed the company’s current desire to invest and work in block (17), while preserving the environment and caring for the local population in the areas adjacent to these fields.

Sudan News Agency / Khartoum

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