Kenya – Four suspects arrested spying on military bases in Nairobi, Laikipia #Canada

06/01/2020 – Anti Terror Police Unit officers are interrogating four suspects arrested on Sunday while allegedly spying on military bases in Nairobi and Laikipia.

On Sunday evening, security officers arrested a Somali-Canadian man while photographing the Kenya Air Force Moi Air Base in Eastleigh.

On Monday, Nairobi police boss Philip Ndolo said the man is being interrogated by ATPU.

“We are questioning him to find out what he was doing there,” he said.

Reports indicate the man was taking photos of the KDF base at different angles when officers pounced on him.

Almost at the same time, police arrested three suspects who attempted to gain access to British military camp in Laikipia.

Photos of the three suspects were captured by CCTV and circulated.

The chief and security officers were following up leads and found them near Nanyuki police station where they arrested them and called the OCS who acted immediately and booked in vide OB 35/5/1/2019.

According to police, the three had no weaponry at the time of the arrest.

Rift Valley Regional Police Marcus Ocholla boss said that the three have been handed over to Anti Terror Police Unit officers for questioning.

“They wanted to access the camp using the normal gate, they didn’t attempt to use another route,” he said during a phone interview with the Star on Monday.

“They could have ulterior motives so we arrested them.”

Ocholla said the three are Kenyans without diverging more information.

It’s unclear why the three were casually trying to access the highly secured camp hosts British Army Training Unit Kenya.

The arrest of the three comes barely hours after al Shabaab militants attacked a Kenya Defense Force Naval Camp in Manda, Lamu Country on Sunday morning.

The camp is jointly used by KDF-US military for training purposes.

The attack led to the death of three Americans including a soldier and five al Shabaab attackers.

The Star / Kenya

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