Ivory Coast: Bolloré launches Aerohub

08/09/2019 – The French logistics company has enlarged its footprint in Western Africa by inaugurating a multi-modal logistics hub at Abijan’s Felix Houphouet Boigny Airport, investing 6.8 million euros. The “Aerohub” will provide logistic solutions tailored to players in the distribution of standard cargo, consumables, pharmaceuticals, the telecommunications and catering sectors. Strong African presence
The project consists of two construction phases. In its initial stage, now completed, 6,000 square meters become available for processing, storing and sorting shipments. This will be followed by demand-driven additional 9,000 square meters costing 6.1 million euros.
At the inauguration ceremony, Bolloré Group’s president Pierre Ehrenbogen stated that “the Aerohub of Abijan is another important node in our global network that extends beyond the African continent into Asia, Europe and America.” The executive went on to say: “This global reach allows us to support our customers in their international developments and to open them also the doors of Africa.”

Different climate sections
The facility is equipped with different climate sections, including freezers guaranteeing a frosty climate of -20° Centigrade on the inside, a “cool section” stretching from 2 to 10 degrees Celsius and a ambient temperature platform suited for storing or sorting many food products, including coffee, wine or chocolate. According to Bolloré, customers will benefit from real-time traceability throughout the freight terminal thanks to the implementation of an electronic warehouse management surveillance system provided by 24×7 Kota, an India-based security specialist.
Government officials of the Ivory Coast applauded the investment and spoke of an anchor for the country and the surrounding region that reinforces Côte d’Ivoire’s role as major provider of logistics services.

Second container terminal
Thanks to the Aerohub, Bolloré strengthens its already leading position as logistics player in the West African state. Prior to this project, the French company had built a second container terminal at the country’s main seaport at Treichville, located in the southern part of Abijan. Through the harbor, estimated 70 percent of the foreign trade of landlocked countries in Ivory Coast’s hinterlands such as Mali, Niger, Chad or Burkina Faso are being passed. In recent times, the port has also developed into a major manufacturing and industrial center.
Although initiated and managed by Bolloré, the second terminal is financed by Danish shipping line Maersk, who are investing 400 million euros in the facility.

Heiner Siegmund / Cargo Forwarder Global

Sahel-Elite | Photo: New Aerohub at Abijan Airport, financed and managed by Bolloré – company courtesy

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