High Council of State: UAE fueling war in Libya

08/09/2019 – The Libyan High Council of State (HCS) has decried UAE’s provision of a media platform for the spokesman of Khalifa Haftar’s forces Ahmed Al-Mismari in Abu Dhabi on Saturday.

The HCS denounced UAE’s hosting of a presser for the spokesman of outlaw military groups that are waging war on legitimacy in Libya and allowing him to incite more bloodshed among fellow Libyans.

« The press conference of Haftar’s spokesman in Abu Dhabi is additional evidence for the UAE’s involvement in fueling violence and war in Libya and its assistance to Haftar’s forces to carry out a coup against legitimacy. » HCS said in a statement on Sunday.

It added that this conference proves as well the false claims of Abu Dhabi that it is with the UN-backed government in Libya and with the resumption of political process.

« The UN support mission in Libya should document these violations and condemn them. While, the Government of National Accord should take necessary measures to respond to these violations by the UAE. » HCS further explained.

Haftar’s spokesman Ahmed Al-Mismari held Saturday a press conference in Abu Dhabi wearing a UAE military outfit and talked about holding positions in Tarhouna after heavy clashes on Saturday against the Libyan Army under the Presidential Council’s command, reiterating Haftar’s rejection to any political dialogue and that they insist on entering Tripoli by force.

Abdulkader Assad | Libya Observer


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