30 killed, over 100 injured from Haftar’s forces as Libyan Army launches all-out offensive in southern Tripoli

07/09/2019 – The Libyan Army forces under the command of the Government of National Accord (GNA) has conducted today an all-out offensive on Khalifa Haftar’s forces in southern Tripoli frontlines and Souq Al-Khamis Imsahel, while carrying out airstrikes on different frontlines, including Sagiyah in Tarhouna. 

A spokesman for the Libyan Army said their forces had advanced Saturday on Wadi Rabea, Ain Zara frontlines in southern Tripoli, Sabea and Souq Al-Khamis Imsahel as well, seizing Camp 47 and Cement Factory in the area as Haftar’s forces got pushed out.

Sources from Volcano of Rage operation of GNA said Tarhouna hospital received the bodies of 30 Haftar’s fighters and 100 injured fighters due to the fierce clashes on different frontlines on Saturday.

In the meantime, the spokesman Mohammed Gununu said GNA’s Air Force hit military vehicles and Grad launchers for Khalifa Haftar’s forces in Wadi Rabea.

The fighting in Tripoli started on April 04, when Haftar’s forces attacked southern Tripoli areas in an attempt to enter the capital and seize power from the UN-backed GNA.

Estimated number of deaths hit so far about 1200 and over 6000 injuries, while displaced people reached over 1200.000.

On Saturday, media outlets in Libya said Haftar’s forces lost 30 fighters in total, while 100 others were injured.

No details have been published yet about the number of casualties on GNA’s side.

Libyan Express

Sahel-Elite | Image:Fighting continues in Tripoli. [Photo: Internet]

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