Tunisia Raises Security Alert Level on Borders following US Warning

2019/01/11 – The Tunisian army and security forces have increased security alert level to the maximum on borders with Libya and Algeria, days after the US Department of State warned US citizens to avoid travel to Tunisia due to increased risk of terrorist attacks against foreign and domestic targets in the country.

Tunisia’s high security and military presence at 11 border crossings shows seriousness in dealing with the US warning.

Terrorist groups continue plotting possible attacks in Tunisia. Terrorists may attack with little or no warning, targeting tourist locations, transportation hubs, museums, resorts, hotels, festivals, nightclubs, restaurants, religious sites, markets/shopping malls, government facilities, and security forces, according to the US warning.

Interior Minister Hichem Fourati belittled the US warning saying that “these warnings do not only concern Tunisia but rather involve all the countries of the world”.

“Many European countries, including Great Britain, have already eased their restrictions on travel to Tunisia, which they have sent to their nationals, thereby recovering many of the traditional destinations on the Tunisian tourist market,” the minister said.

According to Tunisian military sources, some terror suspects confessed that a terrorist group called « Ahrar al-Janoub » (Free South) is plotting terrorist attacks starting from the south. The interior ministry revealed that it has been following four terrorist members of this group.

Tunisia commenced at the beginning of 2019 the implementation of a new security plan to combat terrorism. It primarily depends on attacking terrorist members suddenly in mountain regions and running ahead their suspicious movements.

This plan began in Kasserine and will gradually reach other states along the western border.

Asharq Al-Awsat



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