Salame: The GNA should be freed from armed groups control #Libya

2018/09/25 – The United Nations Envoy to Libya, Ghassan Salame, joined from his office in Tripoli, on Monday, the ministerial meeting on Libya, which was held on the sidelines of UN General Assembly in New York, to brief on the security situation in Tripoli, economic reforms, and the political process.

Salame said that “the UNSMIL is working to de-escalate the situation, stop spillover of fighting to other neighbourhoods and reach out to other cities to support the ceasefire and limit other groups from joining the fighting.”

Salame stated that “the de-escalation is possible, it requires patience and vigilance. Those violating International Humanitarian Law (IHL) need to be sanctioned. We are gathering the evidence and preparing lists to submit to the Security Council and the IHL.”

Salame briefed the Foreign Ministers on Libya’s announced economic reforms. Moving forward on currency exchange rate, subsidy reforms and more equitable distribution of wealth are essential and overdue. So is unifying the Central Bank of Libya (CBL).

Salame told the ministerial meeting that “we are waiting for a moment of relative peace and calm to organise and hold the National Conference.

He stressed that there is a need to free the Government of National Accord (GNA) from the control of armed groups. He added that “priorities now are implementing new security arrangements for Tripoli to support Ceasefire Monitoring Committee, activate Disengagement and De-conflicting Force, imposing sanctions of the IHL violators, and the economic reforms.”

On the other side, the Ministerial Meeting replied to Salame the “we support the work of UNSMIL on the security situation in Tripoli,” adding that your calls are heeded. A constitutional framework, elections, fiscal transparency and economic reforms are needed for the benefit of all Libyans.

In relation to that, the commanders of the Central and Western region and the Counter-Terrorism Force met, on Monday at the UNSMIL HQ to discuss plans to activate and deploy the Disengagement and De-confliction force in conflicted South Tripoli, in a follow-up to the Zawia Agreement and the Presidential Council (PC) Decree No. 123.

Libya Prospect / Sahel-Elite


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