EU continues to stand by The Gambia

The Gambia government recently received a boost-up and exceptional renewal of support from European Union (EU) as the block maintained that it continues to stand firmly by the country. It is further reiterating its support for Banjul to strengthen its ‘’democratic institution, respect for human rights and the rule of law.”

The EU also recalled that following ‘‘the end of 22 years of authoritarian rule by Yahya Jammeh with the change of government in January 2017, the EU and The Gambia have opened a new chapter in their relations’’.

It recollected that during the period, Gambians proudly decided to ‘‘overturn a two-decades long dictatorship… and the new authorities commit to profoundly reform the country and put it on the path of democracy and development’’, thus the support and endorsement of a new era is vital.

However, it also urged Gambians to maintain its peace and stability and more importantly to uphold the respect the country earned itself from the International Community.

The Point also learnt that despite the EU’s numerous activities both within Member States and outside of it including hot-spots around the world, it is not only focusing to reinforce and strength The Gambia’s ‘‘sustainable and economic growth’’ but also to support it financially with the help of the other donors.

Accordingly, the EU believes that due the extraordinary effort and endeavour by Gambians, ‘‘the international community has to answer their call’’ adding that ‘‘there is nothing more important than showing to the people of The Gambia that democracy brings quick and tangible dividends’’.

During an International Conference held in Brussels, May 2018, co-chaired by The Gambia and the EU, attended by Federica Mogherini and President Adama Barrow, a total of Euro 1.45 billion were successfully mobilised by the International Conference for The Gambia.

During the time, it was announced that ‘‘The Gambia is showing to the world that freedom and democracy are about real people and real lives… We stood on the side of freedom and democracy…’’.

It was one of the reasons why the EU published a joint communiqué reiterating and reaffirming its support and solidarity and assisting the Gambia’s transition from a ‘‘dictatorship to a fully-fledged democracy’’.

Finally the EU also announced that it is actively supporting democracy in The Gambia in co-ordination with other international partners in the areas of security, development for sustainable growth, transitional justice, economic partnership, trade, fisheries and migration.

Thr Point /Sahel-Elite

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