Mali / Niger : 3 militants lay down arms in southern Algeria

2018/06/27 – Algerian Defense Ministry on Tuesday said three armed terrorists surrendered to Algerian authorities in the southernmost province of Tamenrasset near Malian-Nigerien border.
The source said in a statement that these militants, who joined terrorist fiefs between 2010 and 2016, laid down two Kalashnikov machine guns, a sniper rifle and five loaded magazines.
The source noted that this operation reflects Algerian counter terrorism troops’ determination to eradicate remains of terrorist groups activating in the country.
Algeria has deployed tens of thousands of troops on the southern and eastern borderline, in a bid to thwart the intrusion of terrorists amid instability reigning in Mali and civil war hitting Libya.
Meanwhile, the North African nation has also opened safe routes along its southern border to encourage Algerian militants who joined terrorist fiefs in the African Sahel region to lay down arms in exchange of fair trials.



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